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Swanmultitrading Pvt. Ltd. Cancellation & Refund Policy


1 : Swanmultitrading Pvt. Ltd. may suspend or cancel any accepted order or your registration immediately at our reasonable discretion or if you breach any of your obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

2 : You can cancel your registration with us at any time by informing us in writing. If you do so, you must stop using Swanmultitrading Pvt. Ltd. services.

3 : The suspension or cancellation of your registration shall not affect your and/or our rights or liabilities accrued to the date of suspension or cancellation or any orders submitted by you before we received notice of your cancellation, and you will continue to be bound by such orders.


1 : You can cancel any order made by you until and unless the order is out for delivery.

2 : You can return any order within a specific time period mentioned in invoice and get refund..

3 : Refund will be made for valid returns.

4 : You have to give valid reasons in writing while returning any order..

5 : You may have to bear delivery charge depending on the situation.